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Top of the NFL

1) Seattle
2) San Francisco
3) Carolina
4) New Orleans
5) Denver

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How good is your favorite team? It's arithmetic!
In sports, past performance matters. Past performance is not, of course, a perfect indicator of what WILL happen when your favorite team faces a division rival or a team it's never played before, but understanding what your team has done so far this season gives you a major head start.

Are WE any good?
Let's compare last weekend's NFL Wild Card playoff game projections with the actual results:
Matchup GRS
+/- Diff Straight Up?

Bengals @ Texans Bengals 20
Texans 28
Bengals 13
Texans 19

Vikings @ Packers Vikings 23
Packers 26
Vikings 10
Packers 24

Seahawks @ Redskins Seahawks 28
Redskins 19
Seahawks 24
Redskins 14

Colts @ Ravens Colts 21
Ravens 27
Colts 9
Ravens 24

We went 4-0 straight up and nailed two of last weekend's games within two points of the spread! Sign up to see what we're projecting for this weekend's Divisional Round games.

GRS Media utilizes a unique, very specialized set of algorithms to project match-ups for
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  • and MORE as sports come into season!
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